Alessandra Di Ronza



Nature Revenge – Photography, 60 x 40 cotton paper  | 2017



Il Sentiero, Grava – Photography 60 x 40 cotton paper  | 2017





Alessandra Di Ronza, an Italian photographer based in the UK, skillfully captures the captivating beauty and delicate vulnerability of nature, with a keen focus on environmental issues and promoting awareness about pollution. Through her artistic lens, Alessandra adeptly portrays nature’s enduring struggles and the profound impact of human behavior, encouraging viewers to contemplate their own role in preserving the environment. Her approach delves into the intricate relationship between humanity and the natural world.

In her series “Nature’s Revenge,” Alessandra accentuates nature’s resilience as it triumphs over human actions and reclaims its dominance.

Magredi, also known as Grava, represents a unique landscape in northeast Italy molded by the Cellina and Meduna rivers. The arid and desert-like appearance of the region is a result of water absorption and resurfacing, creating an ever-changing terrain influenced by both natural forces and human interventions.