Anna French


 Eight Verses for Training the Mind, Mixed Media Analog Collage, 27 x 36 cm, 2023.





33 in the Key of Sea, Mixed Media Analog Collage, 37 x 46 cm, 2023.





My work integrates diverse elements of biology, numerology, sun worship, and shamanism. I’m also inspired by notions of orgone energy as described by the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich and the compositions and coronas of medieval illuminated manuscripts. I’ve been a student of western and vedic astrology for 30 years and have a deep regard for the visual symbolism of the tarot. What compels me is the initial emotional or visceral reaction to my art. There’s a shift in energy that happens before the rational mind can grab hold of an image and analyze it. Creating this vibrational shift is where I believe my power lies to generate positive change.