Rita Chehab

S O L O   S H O W

16.3.2024 / 6.4.2024 


“Artistic Storytelling through paintings capturing and embracing human emotions and experiences through subtle expression”.


 A P R I L    F L O U R I S H 


“April is just around the corner, bringing with it opportunity. It carries the strength to transform, to grow, to bloom, to flourish.

Every time I transform my white canvas into a painting from my imagination, I tell a story; my story; and the canvas flourishes to life.

These paintings are a reflection of everyday desires and dreams.  We all want to grow, to develop, to succeed!  Our lives depend on this.  To have purpose, and to spread positive emotions gives us a sense of growth on a personal and empathic level.

Open-mindedness, contentment, and even happiness are attributes we strive to attain, but unreachable if you don’t allow yourself to be free with your thoughts. We must refrain from fear, from apprehension, and embrace our destinies, for if we do not, we will never flourish. 

It is as much an individual journey as it is a collective pursuit. We must exercise resilience, optimism, authenticity and vitality to achieve our goals in life, and for some, it all begins in April.

As my first, but not last, Solo Show, my daily pursuits have flourished to showcase the selected pieces within this Solo Show ”.

Rita Chehab



El Camino
Acrylic on Canvas
50×70 cm, 2021.

Two generations of Mothers and Daughters joyfully strolling together in the same direction, wearing similar attire, all in harmonious unison. They can’t wait to reach their anticipated destination, the Flamenco Festival. This moment is a moment shared with joy, friendship, love, excitement for dance, and beauty. This painting represents a glimpse of happiness, where otherwise loneliness would overrule. It’s just moments like these that we have to catch, and exploit to the maximum. Moments that reside in the simplest of things. 




Wishful Year
Acrylic on Canvas
50x60cm, 2022.


3 women, each dedicated to a wishful desire to transcend 2022 into a year that re-introduces us to normality. A world where masks are a symbol of pleasure; a world without fear of hugs and kisses; and a world where walking down the street does not require permission. 



Embracing Fear
Acrylic on Canvas
70x60cm, 2022.


As much as fear is feared, we can’t progress without its undeniable power to push us beyond our limits, to achieve the unimaginable. Always showing our positivity is the best way to keep the fear at bay. 



The Mask We Wear
Acrylic on Canvas
50x60cm, 2022.


Even before we were obliged to wear the masks that have become a part of our daily existence, we used to wear other masks, simply to belong, and to fit into social ideology. My 2022 wish is to remove all masks and be true to oneself. 



Acrylic on Canvas
50x60cm, 2022.


A New Beginning, or maybe a new Love, or perhaps a new Born… coming into this world of fear… a world of disease… a world with an unpredictable and uncertain future. I don’t remember the last time I had to think twice before hugging a child. I wish to return to simple pleasures; when kissing a new Love wasn’t dangerous; and when sitting with your family at dinner didn’t require a mask. 



Acrylic on Canvas
60x90cm, 2020. 


The elegance and attitude of the Gatsby era is portrayed here, through the subtle expression of this confident woman, through her golden clothes, her glamorous hair and her mesmerizing eyes. But deep inside those shimmering eyes lies an unhappy soul, burdened by the material things that mask her true feelings. 



Olivia’s Faith
Acrylic on Canvas
60x70cm, 2020.

This painting was made during Easter at the time when Covid was widespread … a very difficult time for a lot of people, where families were apart, apart to protect themselves….The olive in this painting is a symbol of peace, my WISH for the whole world.



Woman Standing
Acrylic on Canvas
50x80cm, 2021.


Woman Standing dedicated to every woman out there, representing our enduring strength and how we always remain standing, no matter how horribly we may fall sometimes.



Perfect Imperfection
Acrylic on Canvas
90x60cm, 2020.
Beauty is, and has always been, subjective. It’s often hard to resolve its impression on each of us; not knowing what to reveal, and what to hide. Perhaps the imperfect is perfect; the blemish is more beautiful than the flawless. I don’t know. What I do know is that one needs to be alive in order to see the beauty around them. To truly be alive, in every sense of the word; not just to exist. That is how beauty should be defined. 



Naked Reality
Acrylic on Canvas
60x90cm, 2022.


Every woman has her own Beauty, that resides in her “Truth, Authenticity, Originality, Elegance and Integrity”. She’s against the societal layers and veils that try to dress her from birth till her final years. She’s a beautiful creature that can define herself in all aspects. 

Acrylic on Canvas
60x90cm, 2023.
Who am I? I can wear many faces if I have to, but trust me, I’m the same person. I can be whoever you want me to be; just tell me, and I will transform myself, because I am without myself. Is that what you really want? Because if that is true, then I feel very sad for you. Perhaps you are the one who needs to be attached to reality. I am strong. I am whole. I am….ME. 



Acrylic on Canvas
80x80cm, 2023. 
Two families, two generations, similarly styled. The parents demonstrate Life, for the children to absorb, while the children remind the adults of what is was like before difficulty became a part of life. They see beauty in each other, stemming from their actions, their hearts, their eyes. Death is not an end to life, but a reminder that Life is a series of memories, to be transferred to the next generation.



Un Paseo
Acrylic on Canvas
60x80cm, 2021.


 Irrespective of the excitement that awaits them at the Festival, these jubilant ladies capture joy and happiness in the simple stroll,  celebrating togetherness as they share a common love of Dance, of Friendship, of Life. 



Acrylic on Canvas
60x80cm, 2020.


In this painting, I represented Beirut in a Lady wearing black, holding a bouquet of red/white poppies (colours of the Lebanese flag). This lady represents people who have lost so much; every mother who lost her child. Beirut has been crying since 4 August 2020 by all the people who lost so much on that tragic day.  Beirut is still crying, today more than before; crying not only for the tragic souls who died, but for all those left behind to carry the memory.  What happened to the people in their position of responsibilities, of justice? Neglecting justice… until now no accountability. 

Beirut is still crying … but still clings to hope, because she believes when the poppy flower loses its petals, it grows back to be beautiful again. 

And one day, hoping justice will bring brightness to the life of the people who continue to suffer, and bright again the face of Beirut “Sit el Dounia.”




Moment of Joy
Acrylic on Canvas
60x60cm, 2021.
Sometimes, the simplest of moment, when a mother is walking side by side with her child, each imagining themselves as the other, we find Joy, Comfort and Peace in the thought that we are truly blessed to have each other, but to be our own persons. 



Las Dos Bailarinas
Acrylic on Canvas
40x80cm, 2021. 
Best friends from before time, get ready to showcase their Joy at the Flamenco Festival. Their excitement cannot be held back as they embark on a night of pure happiness. 



The Wonder
Acrylic on Canvas
60x90cm, 2023.
The Family – Dad, Mom and their two kids, similarly clothed and almost the same height, embodying solidarity,
unity, and support. Each member of this family lifts the other, hold one another. The togetherness and harmony of their ideas and beliefs help them rise from despair to see the wonder, and the beauty in life itself. 



La Jeunesse
Acrylic on Canvas
50x70cm, 2022. 
Can colour represent youth? Can wild hair give clues to a person’s age? Does it matter what you look like, or just how you feel? I believe youth is captured in this painting, in her crazy hair, her bold and playful colour. If I think in a young way, then perhaps I will act young. I don’t care how many birthday candles will be on my birthday next year. I care about how many dances I will dance to at my party. I feel alive, wild and young. That is the most important thing to remember. The heart is the real timer, the real teller of age.



Acrylic on Canvas
60x60cm, 2022.


The cigarette hangs from her mouth as she contemplates its toxicity. She struggles to reconcile the negative energy created by negative people around her, with the power and allure of the smoke, the mystery behind its movement. As the cigarette gets smaller and smaller, she prays that the smoke will carry with it all of societies woes and ugliness, to reveal in its wake a beauty of confidence. 



Acrylic on Canvas
50x60cm, 2023.


In this painting we are taken back to the Renaissance Age. The Beauty of a young woman is captured, exuding elegance, sensuality, gloriousness and gorgeousness, in equal fashion… the characteristics of Botticelli.



Kneeling To Love
Acrylic on Canvas
40x40cm, 2022.


True Love brings us to kneel to its power; it demands respect without coercion, It’s sheer power overcomes anything and everything. 
It dominates hate, it represses envy, it shuns anger! Love is all around us, for those willing to smell its devoine omnipotence. It’s celebrated each and every day, each and every moment. By all. And the sheer beauty of it is, ‘we can all spread its message!’


Le Tour
Acrylic on Canvas
60x90cm, 2023.
I can’t paint without painting my 2 Girls; my first inspiration. This is how I see them, always together; hand in  hand, happy to play, to explore the Beauty around them. My everyday prayer is for them to always be Blessed and connected, no matter what they face in life. Together everything will be colourful like the hot-air balloons, representing their dreams and their future, flourished like the flowers they grasp in their hands. 



For A Brighter Future 
Acrylic on Canvas
60x70cm, 2022.
Thank you Dubai for taking the initiative to group together 192 countries in one common land, one special event, “Expo 2020” where we can fly from one pavilion to another, taste multiple flavours, introduce ourselves to different cultures, that remind us of who we are!
A collection of minds, united and tasked with making a new world, a brighter future, with less poverty, more energy, sustainability, and more opportunities…together to reach our goals for a better planet… thank u for always inspiring us with your vision, creativity and thinking! 




Rita Chehab is a self-taught Lebanese artist currently based in Dubai.  She was educated as an Economist, and worked at the bank for more than 10 years, issuing loans and juggling numbers all day. She also studied Spanish linguistics as well as delved into the passionate world of Tango Argentino reflecting her love of Latin culture.
However, it was not until she got married and moved to Dubai, did her whole life start to take shape.  When God blessed her with 2 lovely girls and motherhood took a front seat, Rita dedicated her entire self to being a great Mother and wonderful Wife.  As much as this completely fills the heart, individuality must also be addressed. 
Rita’s self interests needed to share the stage with her responsibilities. This is when she ventured into painting.
At first, as inspired by her children, she focused on painting little girls, playing together, enjoying the simple and innocent things in life.  These paintings were a reminder of our childhood, before the complexities of adulthood visit indefinitely. Then, she painted females in provocative, inspirational, and self-confident manner. It was a natural progression to revert back to painting women, since Rita wanted to discuss social issues through this medium.
Rita celebrates the empowerment of women, and the sheer beauty of the female existence.  Behind each painting is an underlying insinuation of wonder and apprehension.  Her paintings inspire viewers to reflect on their dreams and their regrets, simultaneously.  This paradox is what transforms her paintings into stories that mimic most of the emotional experiences in our lives, and help the viewer to become a part of the artists’ world.  

Since late 2018, Rita has produced 293 extraordinary paintings to date. She has exhibited nationally in Dubai since 2020, primarily at “Raw Gallery Wall”, and most recently at “World Art Dubai 2023”.
Internationally, Rita has exhibited some of her artwork in the following cities:
April 2022, at the Carrousel du Louvre – Paris, with Artio Gallery
June 2022, in Monaco with Van Gogh Art Gallery
September 2022in Luxembourg with Monat Gallery
September 2022, in Madrid with Van Gogh Art Gallery
November 2022, in Brussels with Monat Gallery
December 2022, in Santiago, Chile with Tapiial
January 2023, in Dubai, “Surrealism” with RAW Gallery
February 2023, in Madrid “Catch the Golden Fish” with Monat Gallery
March 2023, group exhibition in Madrid with Monat Gallery
March 2023, World Art Dubai, in collaboration with Funun Art
March 2023, Project Studio Artist with Monat Gallery (on UTUBE)
April 2023, group exhibition in Madrid “Shapeshifters” with Monat Gallery
April 2023, Online exhibition with Artsper called “Embodied”
In April 2023, Rita has been honoured by being the only Lebanese in 2023 to be awarded with the “Leonardo Da Vinci Prize” for “The Universal Artist” presented in Milan, Italy. In the same month, Rita was selected to be one of the “50 Artists to Invest in 2023”.
In July of the same year, Rita was awarded the “Michelangelo International Prize” in July 2023, Rome, Italy with FONDAZIONE EFFETO ARTE.
Moreover, Rita has participated in the “Stars of Art and Market” with FONDAZIONE EFFETTO ARTE in July 2023.

September 2023, in Dubai “Capture Group Exhibition” with RAW Gallery wall
September 2023, in Santiago Chile, “Dreamy Group Online Exhibition”
October 2023, in Malta “Segnalati Malta” with EFFETO FONDAZIONE ARTE
October 2023, in Dubai “First edition Startale Magazine”
November 2023, in Marbella Spain, “Design and Art Exhibition” with Monat Gallery
January 2024, in Madrid “White Noise” Collective Exhibition with MONAT Gallery
January 2024, LIVE Quick Talk on Instagram with MONAT Gallery
In January 2024, Rita has been honoured by being awarded with the “International Botticelli Prize” presented in Florence, Italy with FONDAZIONE EFFETTO ARTE.
In the same month, Rita was selected to be one of the “Ambassador of Art 2024”.
Rita also has selected paintings currently represented in the Artsy and Artsper Online platforms through Van Gogh and Monat Galleries, and a special open viewing Room on artsy with Monat.