Ashley Elm


Vibrational Support, Watercolor on Paper, 12 inch x 9 inch, 2023.





Soul Tie, Watercolor on Paper, 12 inch x 9 inch, 2023.






I view my artwork as a vomiting of creativity. Before I begin, I honor my feelings, I sit in my reality, and I notice the subtleties of my unique spot in life. I then release all my hopes, expectations and ideas. I let go of what I want the piece to look like and I start with one large swooping motion. However that motion comes to be, is what I build off of. I then enjoy the terror and the delight of trusting in the process. Never knowing if I’m going to love the piece or wish it would have resulted in something different, I am open to whatever comes out of my brushes. This is my most raw form of flow, the only way for me to scratch the itch of creativity. I paint until I’ve got nothing left to give. I am always left with a beautiful snapshot of a human experience.