Avril Haubrich


Frozen Pathways, oil, Height 12inches/30.5cm Width 10inches/25cm, 2023.





Dynamic Glow, oil and gold bronzing powder, height 31.5inches/80cm Width 27.5 inches/70cm, 2023.





Dynamic Glow
This painting is inspired by my memories of the ocean’s majesty and raw power, together with the beauty of sunlight breaking through the clouds. It is intended to create a dynamic and atmospheric depiction of a coastal scene, evoking a range of emotions tied to the unpredictability of nature.
The brushstrokes convey the movement and energy of the waves as they crest and break. The sun, casts bright, radiant lines that dance across the surface of the water, suggesting a play of light that adds to the scene’s liveliness combined with thick paint to suggest a tactile quality of the wet sand and sea foam.
The sandy beach is depicted with dark and light tones, with hints of light reflecting off the wet sand near the water’s edge. The use of gold bronzing powder applied with brush and palette knife adds a textured element to further enhance the visual impact.
I hope this artwork transports the viewer to a place of serenity and wonder and effectively conveys the dynamic character of the ocean the interplay of light and shadow and evokes a sense of nature’s power and beauty

Frozen Pathways
This painting was inspired by my memories of the moody and atmospheric qualities of winter landscapes and displays a use of technique and composition to convey the serene beauty and mystery of the winter season.
The brushwork is loose and dynamic to suggest movement and fluidity in the sky and the image evokes a moody and naturalistic scene that plays with the viewers’ perception of landscape elements.
I wanted to invite viewers to interpret the scene in their own way. The impasto technique and cool tones create a sense of depth and movement, and the contrast between the dark, vertical forms and the lighter, icy surface create a dynamic and moody atmosphere which I hope makes this artwork a truly immersive experience and invite viewers to immerse themselves in the colours, textures, and forms, for a personal and emotional response to the painting.