Carina Söderström


One with the nature, oil, pigments on canvas, 66×40 cm, 2023.






Iron water 2, oil, pigments on canvas, 90×120 cm, 2023.







I am an artist who is working with oilpainting, graphics and drawing. Motifs are often vulnerability, sensuality and melan-choly, expressed by a strong palette and sensitive lines.
The art is emerging from the life of my own and at the same time, to challenge my own boundaries really reflects back to others’ experiences. Love, despair, sorrow, mothers and daughters are some topics I usually dive into.

I often work on big canvases, and like to let lines and colors cooperate together while I feel the energy between the canvas and myself dance.

I experiment with the typical expression of my artworks according to what I want to tell. Even the abstract works emerge from the depth of me, my body.  At the same page there is experimental painting through the usage of e.g. oxides colors, pigments, oilpaint and oil crayons. I have often been told that I have a tremendous ability to combine colors. My life long ambition is to come inside and behind the canvas and in order to make the effort colors are my best friends.