Clare Schouten


Celestial 3, Oil on canvas, 50×50 cm, 2021.




Howth Night Light, Oil on artist wood panel , 51×41 cm, 2021.






I am a semi abstract landscape and seascape painter. My work is inspired by my local surroundings and my emotional responses to what I see and remember. I approach my work with a liberating playfulness which in turn helps my mind escape where I feel alive and fulfilled. There are no mistakes or restrictions in the process only joy and wonder. If Iʼm happy with the finished piece that is enough for me. My creative process is somewhat intuitive. I bring together techniques of layering, texture, mark making and diverse expressive mediums like oil paint, pastels, texture gels and acrylic. My aim is to revitalize scenic views with vibrant and colourful hues, enhancing the atmosphere of beauty. I am always excited to experiment with multiple artistic tools exploring ways of conveying a semi abstract interpretation which grounds itself upon a passionate exploration between art and the beauty of nature.