Claudia Habringer


In Resonance with The Willow

Marker on Canvas, 120cm x 80cm, 2019. 


In Resonance with Stone Henge

Marker on Canvas,120cm x 120 cm, 2023.




I think we are all connected in one or another way. With our surrounding as there is people and nature, with our ancestors, education programs, passed on or new, with the solar system and and and… I have been interested in energy fields for quite a long time now. Perception of the aura has become a part of my life. Out of curiosity I started to draw and paint what I sensed. Lines and Colors have become tools to represent space and emotion. It is always a journey starting at a dot. My focus lays upon staying in connection with the targeted field as long as the creative process lasts. I try to keep my work honest and close to what I perceive. If something comes out odd it stays that way. Life is not alway nice and clean and well centered. I act as an instrument of my perception. Lines and colors are my language on the canvas. My drive is curiosity. Fortunately there are no limits to the universal possibilities.