Daria Avdeeva



Morning Coffee, Oil on canvas, 80×60 cm | 2022





Bowtie, Oil on canvas, 80×60 cm | 2022







Emerging from a diverse tapestry of experiences, I was born in the crossroads of 1996 Russia and the UAE, proudly claim my identity as a fine artist. My journey has been marked by a fusion of cultures, drawing from the rich heritage of Bulgarian, Russian, and Italian art schools that affected my artistic expression. It is within this intricate mosaic that I find the foundation for my technique—an art form both steeped in the classical traditions yet imbued with a contemporary spirit. The gallery of my artistic journey is adorned with both private collections and prestigious exhibitions across UAE, Bulgaria, and Russia. My creations have graced esteemed venues such as the Russian Cultural Center, World Trade Center in Dubai, Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello in Venice, Dada Cultural Bar, and Gallery Dega in Sofia, Bulgaria. My art is a testament to the beauty of serenity, a tribute to the elegance found in life´s quiet moments. Each stroke, each hue, each composition is a symphony that resonates with the essence of existence—a melody that I invite the world to join in experiencing.