Hyoju Cheon 



Hyoju Cheon (b.Seoul) is an explorer and interdisciplinary artist currently residing in New York. Her multimedia practice–often casting a space, an object, or a body in motion–responds to the conditions of a site. Her work documents bodies as they move through space:drawing their trajectories and archiving the material traces  left behind. Hyoju has exhibited her works in Seoul at Dongsomun, Meindo, Gallery Imazoo, and Gaon Gallery.






“My practice recently has involved creating surrogates and obstructions for my body, recording my movements as kinetic loops, and measuring wear and erosion in handfuls of dust. 
Shape- whether simple, geometric, body-like or formed out of indentation of our bodies- is crucial to my work, and creates a space between verbal and nonverbal. In my sculpture semiotic elements can be found, usually mirroring the environment or architecture around me. This practice–often casting a space, an object, or a body in motion–responds to the conditions of a site. I’m interested in domestic spaces that are often overlooked despite being a place where one may spend much of their time.. The inconspicuous nooks in walls, the floors, and the corners are the points of departure for my installations. My work often emphasizes their presence and materiality, and together- I, my body, and the space interact with each other”.  (Hyoju Cheon).
1. What experiences, spaces, places, or concerts inspire you to create your work?
I draw inspiration from a multitude of sources, finding beauty in the often overlooked facets of everyday life. From the bustling streets to the aisles of supermarkets, even within the confines of my own home, I discover excitement and inspiration. By immersing myself in the spaces I inhabit, I observe their nuances and how my body naturally reacts to them, which in turn shapes the choreography of my performances. (H.CH.)

2. Tell us about your artwork or series you are currently working on.

I have been delving into the concept of meaningful and meaningless movement, and my exploration has now expanded to encompass the realm of intuitive movement, with a particular focus on drawing inspiration from children’s play. As a part of this exploration, I have made a sculpture that encourages instant interaction and engagement. Currently, I am in the process of developing a wooden panel that will act as a platform, fostering intimate connections between individuals and the artwork. However, my ultimate objective is to conceive an immersive installation that will elevate and enrich the interactive experience even further. (H.CH.)