Jasmine Christie


Recycled Paint Colour Study #2, Acrylic on card , 59.4 x 84.1cm | 2023 



JUPITER,  Digital Illustration , 2048 x 2048 | 2023 





Jasmine Christie graduated with a BA(Hons) in Painting from Edinburgh College of Art in 2021 and now works as a freelance multimedia artist in Manchester, UK.

Jasmine is intrigued by the notion of the figure of the artist as a lone self, an isolated “mad genius”. They create immersive and introspective physical and digital works that invite the viewer to consider their place as a voyeur in her creative process; the images themselves are a jumping-off point through which the viewer glimpses into their own psychological landscape.
Jasmine is interested in the abstraction of linear timelines and how time and reality are shaped and altered by our perception of them: we are all the unreliable narrator of our own lives and, arguably, can therefore not even trust our own minds.
Jasmine’s interests lie primarily in LGBTQ+ history, rave culture, and areas of Art History such as
Romanticism and 20th century European Abstract Expressionism. They enjoy merging these concepts to create a hybrid of traditional and contemporary art practices, all with the intention of honouring the legacy of the melancholic artist in modern society. They co-curated their first independent exhibition with their newly formed collective, ‘One With Everything’, in Edinburgh, Scotland in April 2023 and have since featured in a number of exhibitions worldwide, including Barcelona-based Galería Agaphe’s La Vida en Color and Artspace Innovations’ September showcase in New York City’s Times Square.