Jeanette Fonseca


Picante, 48X60 Acrylic on Canvas 2023.




Red October, 48X60 Acrylic on Canvas Black Granite 2023.





My medium is abstract on canvas acrylic – I started using heavy texture to monochromatic to contrasting hues to total black backgrounds and shapes. I am constantly in redefining mode. Art is an emotional release that brings me a sense of resolve and completion in working out a situation from beginning to end.
I feel a sense of identity, freedom of expression, and understanding. A piece can start one way and may end up different; it allows me to envision outcomes and possibilities- it is a form of thinking, communication, and meditation. I never touch a piece of canvas without inspiration. I use different tools to create textures forms – I use layers of paint. I use ationgle tools. I create shapes with lids or window squeegees. I use sponges and granite granules. Once I start applying paint- the magic of art begins.