Julia Pomeroy


Tetley’s Please!
Oil on panel, A5, 2021.



Oil on canvas, 60cm x 60cm x 2cm, 2020.




Julia Pomeroy (b.1998) is an oil painter from London and has been based in Leeds for the last five years and is currently a studio holder at Assembly House, Armley. Pomeroy completed her foundation year at City and Guilds Art School in 2017, graduated from BA Fine Art at Leeds Arts University in 2020 with a First-Class Honours. She is returning to City and Guilds to complete an MA later in 2023.
Julia Pomeroy’s practice elevates the rich energies emitted from contemporary figures within psychologically charged narratives and spaces. Her observational and personal imageries are reconstructed into dreamscapes or parallel realities through paint and exaggerating textures, objects, architectural and natural worlds, and focal figures. By using complimentary colour axis’, and techniques to convey glowing atmospheres, her paintings contrast the easily missed beauty and nauseating repetitiveness of our everyday. Pomeroy’s paintings aim to invigorate our seemingly mundane everyday, question familiar contemporary habits, and face our decaying quotidian and failing conditioned routines.
Inspired by the colour palettes from the impressionists and fauve movement, Pomeroy uses strong, vibrant colours to build contrasting bright lights and darks, juxtaposing superficially joyful hues with harsher truths underlying.  Through contrasting the sublime and refuge found in nature with the overwhelming digital realm and young lifestyles of intoxication, Pomeroy’s newest works meet at a cross-section analysing todays sense of obliviousness, ignorance and hunt for fun and distraction.