June Jung 


Lunar Rabbits, Oil on wood panel,  12 radius, 2023.





Whale Fall, Oil on wood panel,  48×36 cm, 2023.






 I delve into generational trauma, centering on my family’s dynamics shaped by my grandmother’s experiences during the Korean War. Her formative years in hiding, missing out on education, cast a lasting impact that reverberates through generations. This familial backdrop molds my relationship with my mother, revealing the intricate interplay of shared history.
My art becomes a visual exploration of these complexities. Using the canvas as a narrative space, I highlight untold stories embedded in the silence of our family’s past. The effects of war trauma, palpable in unspoken nuances, transcend time, influencing the dynamics between generations.
As a viewer, you’re invited to contemplate your own familial narratives. The universal themes of loss, resilience, and the passage of time echo in my work, fostering a connection beyond individual experiences. Each piece contributes to a broader conversation on the human condition, bridging personal and collective histories.
In this exploration of generational trauma, I aim to create a shared space for reflection, where the echoes of the past resonate universally. Through simplicity and depth, my art serves as a vessel for dialogue, encouraging viewers to reconsider their own connections to history and family.