Lun Lun


Gaudi’s Casa Milà, Acrylic paint, 33.3 x 24.2 cm, 2023


Over the Rainbow, Acrylic and Alcohol Ink paint, 33.3 x 24.2 cm, 2023.



Lun Lun studied painting at an art school in Florence, Italy, and learned painting techniques from artists from all over the world. Based on the concept of “Free Your Soul Follow Your Heart”, she draws paintings colorfully and dynamically using materials from each country which the inspiration springs up from the heart feeling the energy while traveling around the world 5 times and visited 60 countries in 9 years. From 2022, she has set up an atelier in her birth place Awaji Island, Japan, and use it as a base for creative activities. She has presented her artworks at international art exhibitions in the United States, Italy, Spain, France, the United Kingdom and more; and also produced picture books using her fine arts in 5 languages and expanding them to the world. She currently works as an artist aiming “Create art that will last for 100 years and touch people’s hearts around the world!”

“Gaudi’s Casa Milà” is inspired by the ceiling of Gaudi’s Casa Milà in Barcelona, Spain when she visited in December 2022 for an exhibition of paintings. “Over the Rainbow” is a popular rainbow drawing in her artworks. It contains the message that even if something happens and you’re depressed, a wonderful miracle will happen is included in the meaning behind it. She drew everything with her fingers, one by one with all her heart. The orange under the rainbow describes the land, the blue above the rainbow is the sky. As for the “Over the Rainbow” artworks, she has canvas to hang on the wall, smartphone case, cushion covers, sandals, blankets and swimwear. It’s cute to collect various accessories. May your everyday life be wonderful by the magic of over the rainbow.