Masamichi Sato



Motif of Line Family  – Digital Art , 63*50 (cm) | 2023





Synthesis  – Digital Art , 84*117 (cm) | 2023






Scientist at the pharmaceutical industry. Ph. D of Theoretical Physics.
Studied string theory and black hole physics in graduate school of the Tokyo Institute of Technology. After graduation, spent more than 11 years in the financial industry. After that, experienced several research jobs including at the University of Tokyo, mainly in the field of computational biology. Current professional research fields are mathematical oncology, computational neuroscience, and quantum biology. Affected by wide-ranged artists including Wassily Kandinsky, Salvador Dali, Taro Okamoto, Shinro Ohtake, and so on. J-pop music lover. Desktop music composition under training.

Motif of Line Family:
This work consists of the mathematical concept of “line family.” Line family appears in many fields of modern mathematics, especially in the case of using the concept that needs geometric understanding. The central three lines represent this concept, and the right motif of three rings is my recent favorite motif which is a balanced or harmonized motif. My aim is to make the harmony of these two motifs give the impression of some comfortable impression though represented by the complex mixed combination of colors. These motifs appear in the other work named as “Synthesis.”

This work is composed of images of mathematical concepts and my recent works made of scenes near my home town. Used mathematical concepts are mainly based on geometric concepts. The combination of mathematical concepts and my hometown realizes to establish the composition of my birth origins. This is the fusion of the parts that consist of the big important composites of my life by far. This work can be said to be representing the fundamental history of my life.