Nina Rassen


Law 4 of the Depth Space
Canvas, Acrylic 50 x 50 cm, 2022.


Law 5 Golden Spirals 
Canvas, Acrylic 50 x 50 cm, 2022.




Multidimensional bionics consists of two words merged into one phrase.
Multidimensional bionics is a new phrase that has been encountered for the first time since 2020, characterizing and describing, for example, a new artistic style. This is a new style in the visual arts, it has a lot of associative series from cellular metabolism, organics and bionics, at the same time showing the evolution of the living principle, from a cell to a single organism and in different dimensions.

Multidimensional (multidimensional) one that exists in several dimensions, can be viewed, evaluated from different angles, from a certain angle of view can change shape, volume, and even completely change.

Bionics is a term more commonly used earlier in architecture. The main method of architectural bionics is the method of functional analogies, based on a comparison of the principles and means of shaping wildlife and architecture.