Acrylic On Canvas

Year Of Creation; 2022


In Depths Of Consciousnes

Acrylic On Canvas 

Year Of Creation: 2022



Hello, This is Parth here. I’m 25 years old. I started painting in August,2021. I’m a self taught artist & a chef. I’ve acquired my Culinary Arts & Management knowledge from multiple countries such as Switzerland, United States Of America & United Kingdom. I use canvas or paper as a medium to exhale my thoughts through experimenting. To paint, I also use Science, Cosmology, Astronomy & Spiritual Knowledge which I acquired via reading books on the respective matter. Due to my very keen interest in above mentioned subjects, I started reading in the year of 2019. It also works for me as a therapy because it elevates my mood. I would like to add that my greatest inspiration is Leonardo Da Vinci. It’s very unreal for me because in my childhood I didn’t know how to draw. Since, I’ve started I couldn’t hold myself back & started making artworks everyday.
“ I Paint My Thoughts” ~ Parth