Rita Chehab



Le tour – Acrylic on canvas, 60cm wide X 90cm tall | 2023

I can’t paint without painting my 2 girls; my first inspiration. This is how I see them, always together; hand in hand, happy to play, to explore the Beauty around them. My everyday prayer is for them to always be Blessed and connected, no matter what they face in life. Together everything will be colourful like the hot-air balloons, representing their dreams and their future, flourished like the flowers they grasp in their hands.



Kneeling to Love – Acrylic on canvas, 40cm wide X 40cm tall | 2022

True Love brings us to kneel to its power; it demands respect without coercion. Its sheer power overcomes anything and everything. It dominates hates, it represses envy, it shuns anger! Love is all around us, for those willing to smell it’s divine omnipotence. It’s celebrated each day, each and every moment. By All. And the sheer beauty of it is, we can all
spread its message!







As a female, a mother of two young princesses, and a devoted wife, my life is not short of chaos. But every life needs expression, and needs to be heard. Painting is my medium of expression. I am constantly inspired by my kids, my daily life, my self empowerment. I paint what I live. I express my joy and my pain, with the same brush. As an Internationally recognized artist, my colours define my emotions. Whatever message I need to convey, I let it shout through my art.