Rita Chehab


Woman Standing
Acrylic on canvas

Woman standing dedicated to every woman out there, representing our enduring strength and how we always
remain standing, no matter how horribly we may fall sometimes.






Golden Girls (Paulette, Georgette, Yvette, Claudette) 
Acrylic on canvas
April 2024

10 years this May, and I still see your laugh, hear your deep groggy voice from years of pleasure smoking, taste the coffee you offered me at every opportunity, and listen to your jokes which were funny each time you told them.  My dear Joujou, my heart forever bears your life.  You are the sunshine that  brightens my thoughts each time I think of you.








I feel alive, wild and young everytime I imagine, I paint, I create.       Rita CHEHAB

–  With every stroke I capture joy, happiness, and excitement, celebrating my creation.
Rita Chehab

I live with the people from my imagination, I live their pain, love, joy, dreams and regrets.
Rita Chehab