Robert Morrissey


Curtain Calls/Veiled Encounters-Crosswalks, Photography 40 cm x 30 cm (Ed. 5 + AP) 2023.


The “window” as motif and metaphor has held a central place throughout the history of art. Less central, though no less significant, is the window “treatment”. Often known as curtains, drapes, shades, veils, shutters, and blinds, they too serve as motif and metaphor. They can be modified to manipulate the light according to the need. They can serve to welcome, comfort, reveal, conceal, seduce, haunt, and frighten. Curtain Calls and Veiled Encounters seeks to explore how we regard the light we let into our lives and the role it plays in defining who we are.


Shadow Self- Flora, Photography 40 cm x 30 cm (Ed. 5 + AP) 2023.


An ongoing series exploring the Jungian Archetype of the The Shadow Self- the hidden, dark, repressed ideas, desires, and instincts of the unconscious mind.


My work as a painter and a photographer is focused in the main on exploring relationships – one’s relationship to the environment, to one another, to oneself, as well to our deepest fears and desires. My work is equally preoccupied with exploring the overlapping connections to and relationships amongst the formal elements that comprise painting and photography within the broader context of visual communication.