Nina Rassen

S O L O   S H O W

08.06.2024 / 29.06.2024 



S O U L   M E M O R Y


“A conduit between worlds, whose art awakens hidden possibilities of consciousness and helps us realize the harmony of the universe in every color and form.”


«Un conducto entre mundos, cuyo arte despierta posibilidades ocultas de la conciencia y nos ayuda a darnos cuenta de la armonía del universo en cada color y forma».




Unpredictability Of Fate
Canvas, Acrylic, 50cm x 40 cm. 2021. 
“Unpredictability of Fate, do you know about the intricacies of its plans and  intentions? “



Unpredictability Of The Universe
Canvas, Acrylic, 40cm x 30cm. 2021. 
“UNPREDICTABILITY always and everywhere in images and angle of view, someone sees at home, someone sees a maps, someone a woman in the spacesuit and someone codes and keys to the universe.”



Strong Conection
Canvas, Acrylic, 40cm x 30cm. 2021. 
“Connection is part of the universe all became from the right connection”



My Little Universe
Canvas, Acrylic, 40cm x 30cm. 2021. 
“An infinite number of universes expansion from I to large, everything is energy.”



Irrelevant Reality
Canvas, Acrylic, 40cm x 40cm. 2021. 
“The key is that only what you think is real is real. The solid is not necessarily solid and there is no concrete real time, since there is no time in principle, in the infinite ether of the universe, in any number of galaxies and their interdimensional etheric parallels, everything happens simultaneously, as does the visualization of reality according to the received pulse of the receiving repeater of the signal of the primary source. And how much your slender decoding signal internal receiver is damaged and how much it can be resuscitated and used for its intended purpose is decided by everyone.”



Time Loops
Canvas, Acrylic, 50cm x 40cm. 2021. 
“Living souls quickly get out of time loops with minimum memory loss”



Red Entrance
Canvas, Acrylic, 40cm x 30cm. 2021. 
RED in the language of ancestors means beautiful, but how else could the king’s bird came?”



Utopia Stage Completed
Canvas, Acrylic, 80cm x 120cm. 2021. 
Utopia is considered unrealizable as long as you consider it unrealizable. And who told you that it has not come true and is already completed and exists as an ordinary daily routine somewhere in the endless space? And your dreams are astral travels into the very reality that there in the endless space is as tangible as your world, which for some reason does not seem to you an utopia. Utopia – the stage is over. Observers confirmed the full loading stage.”



Seer Eyes Of Space
Canvas, Acrylic, 50cm x 70cm. 2021. 
Only a light beam can move with the required speed and penetrate into any corners of parallel galaxies of the boundless universe. The eye is a receiver and a projector at the same time. However, the movement of the primary signal in space is even faster than light. The one who knows and remembers through incarnations and who sees through the eyes of the cosmos is a retranslator that strengthens the message in writing in the alien languages forgotten in the current.”



Seria Law of The Creation – Law 1 Creation
Canvas, Acrylic, 60cm x 60cm. 2021-2022.


Seria Law of The Creation – Law 1 Energies
Canvas, Acrylic, 60cm x 60cm. 2021-2022.



Triptych “Bright Autumn”
 Acrylic on canvas, 18*24 each.


Triptych “Summer in Savannah”
 Acrylic on canvas, 18*24 each.


Triptych “Life Aquarium”
 Acrylic on canvas, 18*24 each.
Triptych trinity one of the smallest works to date and this is such a series of works that should not have been works of random brush wiping. The names may not coincide with the opinion of the author, but a deal is a deal.”


World Jellyfish
Paper, Acrylic, 30cm x 40cm. 2021. 
The series is random: this series includes works that should not be works, sometimes I just wipe the brush, the world jellyfish is one of the early works, completely not in my style, but everyone sees their own.”


The birth of a new world.
Paper, Acrylic, 30cm x 40cm. 2021. 
Triptych trinity: Initially there was only an endless ocean. A bird flew above him in search of a nest. The Cosmic Egg is often described as golden, which symbolizes the Sun, and sometimes has other attributes of the Sun. In folklore all over the world, an egg is a good sign, symbolizing good luck, wealth and health. In Egypt, the egg was a symbol of the rebirth of the cosmic and human, heavenly and earthly…”


Phoenix Feather
 Clay Acrylic, 16CM x 8cm x 2 cm. Spacebirds sometimes shed feathers
Cup of Abundance
 Clay Acrylic, 12cm x 6cm x 6cm. A bowl for collecting and storing wealth.Home decor.



Nina Rassen a professional artist, the artist is included in the Unified International Art Rating.

Fist woman founder of new art style multidemeantional bionics.

Member of the professional Union of Artists, current honorary member of the International Academy of Contemporary art.

Winner of the international prestigious Art Elitarch Awards and international prize Stella Virtuoso.

Also sculptures and designer of the own luxury brand Rassen Art.

Nina Rassen is a virtuoso of artistic mysticism, whose paintings are mysteriously intertwined with cosmic vibrations, opening new horizons of perception and consciousness. Her unique artistic style, infused with symbolism and mystery, transports the viewer to multidimensional realities where the energy of the universe flows in every brushstroke.

In “multidimensional bionics,” Nina Rassen hides keys to understanding the mysteries of life and existence, where each work of art becomes an encrypted message from the artist’s soul to the viewer’s mind. Her paintings not only reflect the world; they create new dimensions where cosmic laws and human inspiration intertwine in a cosmic dance.

Nina Rassen is a conduit between worlds, whose art awakens hidden possibilities of consciousness and helps us realize the harmony of the universe in every color and form. Her works are not just art creations but keys to inner enlightenment and soul evolution.