Veronica McLaren


Charter a Course, digital art, 3600×5180 px, 2024.







Aurora, acrylic paint on stretched canvas, 16×20, 2024.






Veronica McLaren is an independent artist based in Rhode Island and the creator of Starina’s Art. Her preferred mediums are photography, acrylic paint, and digital art. Inspired by dark surrealism and abstract expressionism, she finds beauty, simplicity, and peace where others might not. Her work, Mr. Tombs, is currently being exhibited by Influx Gallery in their Perpetual Exhibition, and her work Consumptive has been selected as one of Art House Online Gallery’s artworks of the month for February 2024. Veronica also self-published a photography exhibition in December 2023 entitled Graveyards don’t fascinate most people… which can be accessed through Artsteps. Various publications and organizations have featured or mentioned her work, including Art House Online Gallery, Artistcloseup Magazine, Venom Magazine, Labyrinth  Magazine, and The Association for Gravestone Studies. Her works are available for purchase as prints through Fine Art America, ArtPal, and The Giving Gallery.