Vilde Eskedal

Untitled [Plastic Ecology], mixed media sculpture, 27x25x24 cm | 2023 



Justine,Acrylics, oils, spray Paint, markers on canvas, 120×100 cm | 2023 





My artistic practice is inspired by new materialist philosophy and biology, as I explore interactions between my body, materials and space. Organic qualities in inorganic materials, and the ambivalence of what is attractive and what is repulsive is a recurring theme in my work, that comes to life trough different mediums. Living close to nature, I collect objects and materials – textures and shapes – that are both natural and man-made, that I combine in my works. They are amalgamations of different plastics, clays, minerals, lacquers, glues and oils that plays with the colour palette from my childhood and the plastic toys marketed towards children in the 90’s and early 2000’s. The process of creating is a playful exploration and a collaboration with the materials and spaces that surround me. I see my pieces, sculptures and installations as creatures and ecosystems, affecting each other and the environments in which they exist.